gray log pkg problem

Hi Everyone ,

I was using graylog and graylog-web-interface as separated package in pkg and port tree till last days. But in version BSD 11.1 I can find graylog-2.2.3 but I cannot find graylog-web-interface any more .

No packages available to install matching 'graylog-web-interface' have been found in the repositories

I know that graylog merged server and web-interface at version 2.3.1.

I cannot find web gui for 2.2.3
I cannot find new merged version

Do you have any idea ?

Best Regards
You don't need a separate package, you can just enable the web interface from the server.conf file:

web_enable = true
web_listen_uri =
NO ,

Package contains only graylog server , there is no files about web interface . So when I use this parameters in config file, nothing happens.

Are you using clean install bsd 11.1 + pkg install graylog method. Did you try these parameters and succeeded.
I'm running a 3-node cluster Graylog SIEM, on 10.3, but that shouldn't make a difference. I did install using the package management tool, but I also leaned heavily on both the Graylog docs (which are excellent) as well as the Elasticsearch and Mongo docs. You might also want to verify that you are not running the REST API on the same port as your web interface.
Version 2.3 changes the web interface setup, however OP initially was asking about 2.2.3 which is the current version available in ports/pkg. Also if you look in the doc link posted under Configuration Options, you will see the config options I mention are listed there.
Yes, including the Configuration Options section that tells you that web_enable and web_listen_uri are both valid options.
Snippets taken from my running test instance:

root@pterosaur:/usr/local/etc/graylog/server # sockstat -4l| grep graylog
graylog  java       48045 91 tcp4     *:*
graylog  java       48045 94 tcp4     *:*
root@pterosaur:/usr/local/etc/graylog/server # cat server.conf | grep web_
web_enable = true
web_listen_uri =
root@pterosaur:/usr/local/etc/graylog/server # cat server.conf | grep api
rest_listen_uri =

NOTE: running both REST and web on same port requires adding suffix to REST API eg. /api/
As you can see, I am using the packages, not the tarball.

% pkg info graylog
Name           : graylog
Version        : 2.2.3
Installed on   : Mon Sep 11 20:52:39 2017 EDT