gpg signing error

I have just installed security/gnupg & security/pinentry
pkg install gnupg1
pkg install pinentry

I generate a key:
gpg --gen-key

The generated key:
pub  xx/20BE8A96 2016-02-12
uid   Objectstore Encryption <>
sub  xx/D0C772B5 2016-02-12

I do a backup with duply, for that I put my key in the conf file and it's ok. But when I restore my file I got this signing error
Volume was signed by key 20BE8A96, not D0C772B5

How can I solve this problem?
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Sorry for the delay, but I had no eye on my computer these days

there was a confusion between gpg and gpg2. I just uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Now I am using gpg, and everything works.

Thank you for your answer