UFS gpart


I am using freeBSD 8.2(I know it is old, but this can not be changed).I want to create two partitions(for log giles etc..) in a SSD disk,partitions need to be aligned, otherwise I will end up
getting alignment faults.gpart does not seem to have the -a (alignement)option in this release(8.2).Has someone a proposal to do this?
We don't support version 8.2 here, and you already know that. Right now only 10.3, 10-STABLE, 11.0, and 11-STABLE are supported. The relevant part of the forum rules:

Forum Rules said:
We prefer not to encourage any further use of these unsupported versions. If you are not at liberty to upgrade to a supported version, you may still receive a reply to your question, but you must be prepared for continuous pressure from fellow users and forums staff to upgrade to a supported version. Moreover, some users may not feel like participating in topics that deal with unsupported versions at all. So be prepared for a lack of replies.