Other Golang needs help with bugs

Go 1.7 is supposed to come out this month. It has some long standing bugs that only seem to occur under FreeBSD. I am not sure whether this is the right spot to bring it up, but since I didn't see this popping up in typical FreeBSD community places yet I want to make people who might be able to help aware of this.

I think it would be sad for both projects if those issues weren't solved. So I wanted to mention it to any people with interest in Go.

Who knows, maybe there are bugs in FreeBSD that get solved along the way. Also they might affect various ports and tings like Docker on FreeBSD.

From the Release Notes:
There are some instabilities on FreeBSD that are known but not understood. These can lead to program crashes in rare cases. See issue 16136, issue 15658, and issue 16396. Any help in solving these FreeBSD-specific issues would be appreciated.

These are the three "Go on FreeBSD" issues:

I wish I had the time cause it would be right up my alley to help with this. All I can provide is moral support and thanks from someone who at least started a couple of projects using Go (but both were abandoned).