Gnome3 or Xorg install issue


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I am trying to make GDM work after installing Gnome3, Xorg, gnome-desktop. I have followed all the install instructions. After installation my GDM screen keeps frozen. Clicking on user login nothing happens but if I switch to vt4 and back to X the password area appears. Everytime I switch back and forth vt to X one action is acomplished like going step by step. I reinstalled Gnome3 with no luck. GDM keeps frozen or going one action at a time switching to vt and back to X. Weird. My video card is the ATI FirePro V4800 with 400 cores. I am using radeonkms.ko. Is the driver the culprit? Thanks in advance.



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This smells like a GPU (X11) driver issue. I would try to set the most defensive driver settings (buffering & such). Refer to the drivers manual page. If that helps, re-enable to more aggressive/default settings one-by-one. Install ports-mgmt/psearch and then you can find related ports that might be useful to track down the issue with psearch -s radeon. Not related to the issue: also please note that many users consider Gnome3 to be broken (on FreeBSD; systemd'isms?). Reasonable Gtk-based alternatives are x11/mate, x11/cinnamon & x11-wm/xfce4.
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