gnome-system-monitor and memory

I was wondering if the gnome-system-monitor is working with regard to memory history? I run 7.1-PRERELEASE 7.1-PRERELEASE, and have gnome-system-monitor-2.22.4. It pretty consistently shows about 148mb of memory. It goes up and down, but not as much as I'd expect.
For instance, I just opened openoffice, and it went from 140 mb to 170 mb. But 'top' tells me soffice.bin is has 124M SIZE and 93416 RES:
CPU: 92.9% user,  0.0% nice,  6.8% system,  0.4% interrupt,  0.0% idle
Mem: 277M Active, 1030M Inact, 175M Wired, 3568K Cache, 112M Buf, 509M Free
Swap: 4063M Total, 4063M Free

58889 matt          6  44    0   124M 93416K select   0:00  0.00% soffice.bin
54945 matt          6  44    0   115M 91644K ucond    0:13  0.00% firefox-bin
Those two alone should be using more than 170 mb.

This isn't a critical problem, obviously. I was just wondering if this could work better.
Also, both 'top' and gnome-system-monitor show that none of my swap space is being used. "Swap: 4063M Total, 4063M Free". Is this okay?

Sorry, I forgot to say that there is special utility for checking swap. On
OpenBSD is swapctl
$ swapctl -l
Device      512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Priority
swap_device    1058400        0  1058400     0%    0
yes, i view some of you - top say, that memory active 50%, but GSM - 25%...
by the way - swap usage view thas same top and GSM
top said:
Mem: 9220K Active, 1032K Inact, 3284K Wired, 1MB Cache, 2M Buf, 1320K
Free Swap: 91M Total, 79M Free, 13% Inuse, 80K In, 104 K Out

K: Kilobyte

M: Megabyte

%: 1/100

number of pages active

Inact: number of pages inactive

Wired: number of pages wired down, including cached file data pages

Cache: number of clean pages caching data that are available for imme-
diate reallocation

Buf: number of pages used for BIO-level disk caching

Free: number of pages free

Total: total available swap usage

Free: total free swap usage

Inuse: swap usage

In: pages paged in from swap devices (last interval)

Out: pages paged out to swap devices (last interval)

swapinfo(8) is general tool for monitoring swap usage. General rule apply: less used swap - better for your system interactivity and disk life.
mdg583 said:
Those two alone should be using more than 170 mb.

Not necessarily. They are both linked to many of the same libraries, which don't need to have a new copy loaded each time they are mapped into a different process space.

I suspect it's fine the way it is.