gnome root users and groups and clock problem


I post in the past about users and group about i cant change whit gnome and recently discover i cant change clock whit gnome to.
Im a old ubuntu user and i use hit now but I study The
compatibility gnome Linux and I project to do the same thing FreeBSD. I learn c programming and gtk+ to do my GhostBSD.
But i have a lot background on programing and FreeBSD. I have 2
problem user and group and clock root cant do change on bot.
I have discover 1 thing on user add group in the root properties Advanced root home directory is /home/root its not true.
this is the big problem of 6.4 and 7.1 on 7.0 root home directory is /root its freebsd system error or gnome freebsd error or bot.
help please.