GNOME 3 corruption?

Weird...... but GNOME3 seems to have a corrupt registry or something as I have lost my favorites and when I go to re-add them they wont add back into the list.

Has anybody else en-counted this error and if so how did they go about fixing it?

Thanking you in advance,
It's easy enough to test, just create a new test user and login with that account. As it's empty it will get a new, clean, Gnome 3 profile. If it works as expected then you know the issue is with your own profile settings. If things don't work as expected the issue might be deeper in the system.
Yeah I should have used my brain a bit better, when I try another account it appears to work fine. So my main client account's profile appears to be corrupt. Another symptom is the "show hidden files" menu item does not work. So how do I go about resetting or replacing the profile for my main client account?

It's a bit tricky as some of the settings are spread around multiple places. But application settings tend to be in ~/.local. I don't have a Gnome desktop at the moment so I can't verify, but there's usually also a ~/.gnome* directory. That last one mostly deals with settings from Gnome itself. You'll also find ~/.gtk* and/or ~/.themes, those deal mostly with GTK settings and things like themes, color schemes, icons, etc.