Getting my install back

Hi everyone.
I sshed to my box and tried to install py-bittorent. My computer later went into hibernation mode making me lose my connection to the server and now I cannot go back and finish the install. There is a dialog executable that wants me to select something and I do not know how to get that screen back. It has been 89+ hours since I ran the port install.
I tried googling a few terms, "freebsd dialog executable resume", "freebsd continue install after disconnect", etc, etc. Do you guys havve any ideas? I also tried "fg 62316" and "resume 62316". 62316 is the pid.
I am a somewhat new user only having installed some ports and setting up my desktop and installing freebsd. The box is a server so just CLI. If you know how to connect me back into the install or have any information that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance,
Just kill the process and start over.

Look into sysutils/screen if you do a lot of remote work. It'll allow you to 'disconnect' a session and keep everything running in it. If the connection is restored you can resume that session as if nothing happened.