ZFS Getting from gpart show [ing] freebsd-zfs to a mount [ed] filesystem

I may have created a self-harm situation and am seeking people who do FAR more with ZFS than I. That and perhaps be an example to go buy that ZFS book by the guy who's bribable with gelato - Micheal Lucas - if that book lays out how to recover from self-harm.

The not-as-bad-off-or-so-I-hope is /dev/da5
How do I ask the system for what that pool is and then mount it?
I do not think I encrypted it.

The ada1 disk may be a whole lot of tears. It was a working FreeBSD 11-CURRENT system that was made into a 11-STABLE and then I was trying to force it into 11.1-RELEASE

And I got it to be 11.1-RELEASE. Even booted. But the Nvidia GX660 driver was giving me some problems and I was thinking it may have been related to /boot not being the same as /bootpool/boot and so I think I shot myself hard with:
cp -Rp /boot/* /bootpool/boot
On reboot it stopped asking for the GELI password and is now not a bootable system. Installed 11.1-RELEASE on a different hard drive and when that system boots it is asking for the geli password for /dev/ada1p4 but the password that was working no longer works.

If I need the file encryption.key from /dev/ada1p2 - how do I mount that 2 GB partition?

root@welcome:/usr/home/user # gpart show ada1
=>        40  5860533088  ada1  GPT  (2.7T)
          40        1024     1  freebsd-boot  (512K)
        1064         984        - free -  (492K)
        2048     4194304     2  freebsd-zfs  (2.0G)
     4196352    50331648     3  freebsd-swap  (24G)
    54528000  5806004224     4  freebsd-zfs  (2.7T)
  5860532224         904        - free -  (452K)

root@welcome:/usr/home/user # gpart show da5
=>        40  7814035376  da5  GPT  (3.6T)
          40  7814035368    1  freebsd-zfs  (3.6T)
  7814035408           8       - free -  (4.0K)

root@welcome:/usr/home/user #

At the point where my 4th page of google results had "Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics - an introduction" I decided self-help was at an end.
Now I am here and look forward to "read the man page" feedback as others have gotten and seemingly found un-helpfui. The lecture about needing the user key file to deal with the master key which is kept on /dev/ada1p4 isn't helpful of that was /boot/encryption.key if I can't get /dev/adap2 mounted somehow.