General question about developing a web frontend and constructing CSS.

Alain De Vos

Alain De Vos


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For the application i will use Kemal.
It is a framework written in the lesser known language "Crystal" and compares to "Flask(Python)".
It compiles to an executable which is the webserver. The code is much more readable then php...



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BTW, in my experience, many users on the web don't even know how the browser's "back" button works. And some who once did were trained to avoid it by the myriads of braindead SPAs, breaking its functionality. So, you often have to duplicate it in your own content area :rolleyes:

But no matter what, you never want correct styling to depend on user actions. So yes, caching is an issue to consider. The "hack" I mentioned above is pretty common and does what it should…
I often get lost between a web-app's 'back' button (A) and the browser's 'back' button (B). With A, you can go what the app considers to be the previous page. Unfortunately, as far as B is concerned, if you click A, you go forward, not back. Browser and app inside it going in opposite directions, basically. This sometimes messes up the CSS, and I have to be VERY careful which button I use when. Try explaining that to the average user, whose priority is not navigational mechanics, but the destination!


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I still think w3schools is a better starting point for absolute beginners regardless.
That's where I learned to write XHTML and CSS and have never used anything but NotePad or Leafpad to write markup. XML, AIML and 3DML included.

I used CSS buttons for the menu on the previous version of my site and posted the markup I wrote for them here.