ZFS Geli encryption & ZFS

Hey Guys,

Newbie here.

Looking at a custom build for my next FreeBSD system with 1 Geli fully encrypted 480GB Intel SSD and 9 6TB WD Se's in a ZFS pool accesable through an NFS share.

I have been looking at ZFS (RAID-Z3) because of its MTTDL is very high, according to ServeTheHome's RAID reliability calculator there would be a MTTDL of 112,070,227,637.58 years before data loss.

I am in the process of reading the man pages of geli and zfs share.

Any other suggestions would be awesome.

Thank you.
Welcome to the forums, Mattais. FreeBSD 11 is a great time to get started with GELI on an SSD as I see from the release notes that it now supports TRIM. In addition to the manual pages you might find the following sections in the excellent FreeBSD Handbook helpful:
I have just upgraded to FREEBSD 11 after installing 10.3.

Thank you very much for the links

#freebsd on FreeNode has been very helpful and welcoming too when I have asked questions.