Solved full 11 release date

There were some last minute issues just before the original release date, apparently it's taking longer to fix and/or test.
The RELEASE is already out. I’m running on a machine 11.0-RELEASE-p1. I installed from a
FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso, which were pulled back from the servers
because of fixes, from September 29 and did a freebsd-update today. The update should
be available from FreeBSD-11.0-RC3 as well, at this time for the amd64 and i386 platforms only.
The official RELEASE images might be released any time soon.
cool does FreeBSD-update download your installed ports and recompile and reinstall them? or is it just pre-compiled binaries?
# freebsd-update -r 11.0-RELEASE upgrade
Fetching 1 metadata files... gunzip: (stdin): unexpected end of file.
Any idea of this?
Usually a bad connection, try removing the downloaded files and try again: rm -rf /var/db/freebsd-update/*.

If you continue to have problems please open a new thread.
Not officially. The announcement usually comes a few days after it's ready. This is to allow all mirrors to catch up before announcing the availability. There was also a brief period where a 11.0-RELEASE was available but that one was revoked due to the last minute issues that were discovered.

Long story short, it's best to wait for the official announcement before jumping in.
No you didn't. 11-RELEASE isn't out yet.
Yes, 11-RELEASE "isn't out yet", but it works fine for me :)
I am running 11.0-RELEASE on my laptop. I can install any *nix OS there and be ready in around ~30 minutes. But I would never risk that on a server.
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