FTP server access

I've set up ProFTPD on a remote FreeBSD VPS and am having problems retrieving files using wget. When using a browser I can retrieve them without difficulty. My version of wget does not include support for SSL. Could that be the reason or is there some configuration setting I need to change?

I've set up an FTP service on my FreeNAS box where I'm trying to mirror what is on the VPS and have no difficulty there with wget. On the remote system wget just waits and waits. How do I debug what's going on?
I presume the different behaviour is because of differences in proftpd.conf... I don't recall making any changes from the default installation, but since one is installed on FreeNAS, that was configured by FreeNAS. I'll do a comparison.
The "problem" with FTP is the dynamic nature of the data channel. This makes the protocol difficult to firewall. Both passive and active FTP will have a problem if both the client and the server are behind a firewall (or even worse, NAT). You can (partially) solve this on most hardware firewalls by using so-called "helpers". These actually look in the communication itself and can detect the FTP PORT commands to open/forward ports for the data channel dynamically. On FreeBSD you could use ftp-proxy(8) for this. This is probably what FreeNAS does out-of-the-box.