fsck for ntfs mounted partition failing

I have few ntfs mounted partitions in fstab.

They are mounted correctly. However, fsck_ntfs throws a strange error saying
device /dev/ad6s1 not available. No such file or directory.

Then it drops me to a recovery shell. I quit it everytime. but it is becoming a bit annoying to do this for every boot.

Any solution?
OK, sorry, but wait a minute.
I think that you can't run fsck_ntfs (btw, do you have it?) as ntfs support is read-only.
What do you have in the column Pass# on /etc/fstab ?
I think you have 1 or more, try changing to 0 and run chkdsk or whatever from a windows os.

a value of 0 means don't run fsck on that partition.