FreeBSD vim xcopy support

Hello I'm new to FreeBSD.

I've installed vim by pgk install vim but the software does not have support to copy text over putty. Do I need to use the ports version of vim and change something in the Makefile?

Thank you
What do you mean by copy text over PuTTY? PuTTY has its own copy/paste settings.

I running FreeBSD in a VM and I'm connected with putty. I would like to copy text from Notepad++.
I would like to use rightclick to insert text into vim.

Thank you
That should "just work". Can you paste something into the shell before starting vim?
Yep, the default settings of PuTTY will paste whatever is in the clipboard by clicking the right mouse button. This is purely a PuTTY setting.
Yes copy and paste to the shell is working but not to vim. It's working with "Shift + Insert" but right mouse is not working.
vi(1) (or VIM) needs to be put into edit mode before it'll accept the paste. There's no "special" setting here, it's just how vi(1) works.