FreeBSD User Group

I wonder if there is any FreeBSD User Groups or is there any alternative local meeting events?

Here in Norfolk, Virginia we had some kind of local tech incubator but I think they recently lost their lab space.
We are not exactly a tech hub here in the (757). Lots of metal stuff like railroads and shipyards.

I was surprised to see Norfolk State University on the news touting their rehabbed dorms.
Complete with 3D printers in the student lounge. That must be nice.
Looks like I need to create a local chapter. Are these groups falling off in popularity? The Capital area BUG website has the last meeting in 2014.

I think face time is nice for newbies. You can learn alot in a casual setting.
You would think a local tech company would be involved to promote the cause.

I think promoting FreeBSD to young ones is necessary to keep the project relevant.

I think would be a good idea for learning. An educational site with both simple and complex classes. Maybe a cert program.
You could also search for local/regional Unix/Linux/FOSS user groups. Virginia is fairly significant in terms of Internet history, with DARPA & BBN in Arlington, UUNet & Network Solutions in Herndon, MAE-East in Vienna, SAIC being somewhere around there, and many more around that general area. So, there should probably be plenty of tech people around with interest in Unix-like systems in general.

Just don't let the Linux people talk you into thinking of systemd as being a good thing. ;)
I have learned a considerable amount from the forum here over the course of a year. I had a very specialized knowledge from pfSense but I am now filling in some of the command line programs I had no grasp of.
First was | more and | less
then redirect > and cat
and I finally learned echo myself after several dozen prior uses from tutorials after deciding last night to beat back a broken pkg repository on Arm with no nano or text editor.

Thanks for everyones help

Next on the list is GREP