FreeBSD usage statistics

Every so often we cull those "unused" accounts (no posts and no logins in the past 2 years for example).

Oh No...!
I must keep this in mind.

I browse this forum a fair bit to find new info, but didn't have to (login or) post anything recently, as the FreeBSD just works fine for me for the last three or four years without any issues.

Been a user from maybe 8.0 to now stable/13.
We used gopher (yes, I've been online for a really, really long time). And before that I had to go to a library to get information.
Or even (*shudder*) a bookstore. I first learned of FreeBSD (and Linux) by buying books at an office supply store.

Deleted member 30996

I was concerned with not seeing someone lately who got a vaccination and ready to take my role as High Priest of the Yea BeaSD to call the Clan together to remember someone in their daily rituals, in fear that the Extra Evil Bill Gates purchased from Satan had been used against our Brethren

Then I spotted him unaware lurking around just before I held Black Mass and knew it was too late. He had become weakened and fallen victim to the Gates of Hell.

For it is The Love of Money, Brothers and Sisters, that is the root of Allll Evil! Can I get an Amen!

ono was offended, left and not been seen since. I was gone over a year, ghosted all my online Persona, took my site down and vanished like a ghost.

My Fan Base thought I might have joined Demonica and were so concerned they joined, the only action taken from that account was to send me a PM, then delete the contents in an attempt to draw me out. A heartwarming "Get Well" card of sorts to show me how much they really love me, deep down inside.

I find myself at times less patient with new people after having watched them more closely since posting my Beginners Tutorial. There seems to be a common theme of fixing what isn't broken and not having the skills yet to solve the problems that becomes the source of my frustration.

And yes, I like to talk more 😁
May be because I am from Social Sciences and it trained me to talk more 😁
This is the only chance I might have to talk in a 24 hour period and for days on end, And I like to talk, too.

I was trained in verbal technique by the MO. Dept of Mental Health. Using words can bring me great pleasure or be used in the opposite with equal efficacy. .
Or even (*shudder*) a bookstore. I first learned of FreeBSD (and Linux) by buying books at an office supply store.

I bought these at that well known bookstore in Silicon Valley when they were new. Don't recall the bookstore's name.