Solved freebsd-update: modified /var/db/mergemaster.mtree



I Rebuild World following strictly the Handbook without changing anything src.conf and make.conf, indeed without those files on /etc.

I did it on this way so see how it works to then try with src.conf/make.conf I did. After that, the entire process, I did a update, using freebsd-update before actually try with those (src.conf,make.conf) files but:

The following files are affected by updates, but no changes have
been downloaded because the files have been modified locally:

I found a old thread about it but I did not get what is going on very well.

Are you rebuilding world via the source AND doing a binary update via 'freebsd-update'?
My understanding is that you typically do one OR the other.
However, I confess that I never use 'freebsd-update', so I don't know much about it.

But if you are rebuilding world, you follow EVERYTHING in:
Especially make sure that you run all of the 'mergemaster' commands.
Then, don't do anything with 'freebsd-update'.

On the other hand, if you are doing the 'freebsd-update' method, you probably want to follow this INSTEAD:
Then, don't do anything with the source.

I suspect that you did part of the upgrade via the source method and part of it via 'freebsd-update'.
You'll probably get weird results if you mix the two.
I would choose one or the other for any given upgrade.

This is exactly what I did, rebuild sources and did the update using freebsd-update. Although I was asked about it here, took a look on /etc/freebsd-update.conf, and found:

Components src world kernel

Now you told about binary update, I think I should remove world and kernel from there.

EDIT: I removed world and kernel from there and that message disappeared. :D
Do not remove kernel from the configuration, now on the next update that includes an updated kernel the update won't be installed completely. As noted by others you have to choose from using freebsd-update(8) or the source based update/upgrade, never both at the same time.
I followed for rebuild world, and then update the source using freebsd-update. The first rebuild world I did just to see how it works, I already did another now my src.conf and make.conf after the update.

So, what I found out freebsd-update also (can) do update the source code, and it did, but also did the binary one. What I did now was disable the binary update on freebsd-update.conf in order to have it just updating the source code, and that message disappeared.

I am willing to have just source code updated/upgraded, if freebsd-update do upgrade the source code, why I could not use it without world and kernel on its conf, as I think those are related with binary update only? I am looking just for the source code update/upgrade, not the binary one. I mean, if I remove kernel from there this will affect the ability of freebsd-update also update portions of the source code?

Yes that works but it's an unnecessarily complicated way to keep your sources up to date if you're set on using source based updates/upgrades. The SVN method is preferred because then you can also browse the revision history and do local modification if a need arises, with freebsd-update local modifications are not possible because you can't tell which files are modified and which ones aren't.