"freebsd-update fetch" stops at the editor vi


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There is though an argument that if the file that is being paged is empty that it should just continue and not open the pager?
I haven't looked too closely at it but I suspect the script can't tell the difference beforehand and simply always pipes the output to PAGER. If you really want to know, /usr/sbin/freebsd-update is a shell script, so it's fairly easy to look at the actual code.


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Yes. It used to do this before. You would have seen an empty screen with END at the end of it I think and then pressed enter. Nothing has changed in this respect.

No, that's not the way it worked before.

At the end of the download process for freebsd-update fetch it sometimes "eats" the command and back a few lines of previously existing text in the terminal. I just ran:

portsnap fetch update
pkg audit -F
freebsd-update fetch

and this is the results in the terminal:


It jumped back 23 lines in the terminal. Now I have to hit q to get back to the normal readout:


And that is not normal behavior for using ports-mgmt/portmaster as shown above.

If this is the "new way", Change Bad, and editing the .profile file for root and usr to get back to more did not do it for me:

MANPAGER="more -s"