FreeBSD slow network performance on AWS

I'm trying to use FreeBSD as my VPN gateway on AWS EC2. I can't get the network throughput I can with a Debian AMI of the same instance size.

I've tried multiple comparisons with different instance sizes and I'm always getting about 2MB/s with FreeBSD. Whereas with Debian I get anywhere from 5MB/s to 20MB/s.

I've tried disabling TSO, to no effect. Any ideas out there? I'm using ami-2d6d6347.

Thanks for the heads up on that.

After further testing, I determined that the slowness only occurs when transferring data from an external IP address. When I do the same test internally, speed is very fast. So the FreeBSD instance is performing fine, and it is something to do with how AWS rate-limits traffic from outside. (Which is odd, that network speeds to instances of different OS's would behave differently only externally.) AWS is weird.