FreeBSD on a Dell XPS 13


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Does anyone have any experience with installing FreeBSD on a Dell XPS 13. I'm currently running Ubuntu 12.04, everything works weel but I'm a little bit upset with Ubuntu. I'de like to know if everything (touchpad, wifi, sound) should work well with FreeBSD ?

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I have an older one from 2013 with an ath(4) card, an AR9460 per dmesg. Ubuntu worked for a while but I've wiped it recently have have started to play around with PCBSD on it for now. I haven't come across any major issues yet but have seen the wireless drop a time or two and had to restart networking. Your best best probably would be to boot from LiveCD mode and look through dmesg to make sure everything is recognized. If your edition came with 12.04 you probably have one like mine and will be fine as far as driver support goes.