FreeBSD IMac G3 to partition?

Hello! I have an IMac G3 600mhz, 512mb ram, 40GB hard drive. I am trying to install FreeBSD using the net-install but... I don't know how to make FreeBSD partitions before installing, as stated in the FreeBSD-ppc guide. I currently have Ubuntu 8.04.1 installed.

Finally I get some answers! I will try that right now, and if it works, it will be case closed!:D:D:D:D!
could you connect to other host when you boot your mac from netbsd disc? maybe you could try to connect to ip ( address instead of host, or if you could not set up networking on netbsd environment, try to download pdisk to another pc, add this program to install cd manually, and then boot from it and run pdisk to create partition table.
ftp worked using the IP address. But... I can't do the newfs thing. And then I still don't know if I need to make a fstab file or not. I restarted went to freebsd tried FDISK, and...still the samething. so I don't know what to do now:(!!!!
i don't remember exactly, but i think that i used this netbsd install disc only for creating partition table, then rebooted to fbsd disc, and used standard installation, labeled correct partitions "/", "swap" and "/usr" partitions, and sysinstall created everything necessary (newfs, fstab)
then installed hfsutils from ports, and copied loader file to hfs partition to be able to boot this pc without need of using cd loader.

Well I remember there is a thingy about slices, and partitions. I would appreciate it, since I'm pretty much a n00b with FreeBSD if someone could give me a step by step after the openBSD part. Thank you.