Solved FreeBSD Guest in VirtualBox bridged WiFi.

My windows desktop has a Wifi adapter and an ethernet adapter. I use the ethernet for for windows. I run FreeBSD in VirtualBox. I would like to set it up so that the otherwise unused WiFi adapter is bridged to FreeBSD.

The virtualbox settings appear to be pretty simple. I can't figure out how to get FreeBSD to get an address in bridged mode (or get to the point where I can select an SSID to connect with). If this is possible, does anyone know what I need to do?

Currently: Windows 7 (fully patched), VirtualBox 4.3.10
FreeBSD 11.1-p1 with virtualbox-ose-additions 5.1.28

Additional note: FreeBSD works just fine if I put VirtualBox in NAT mode with the Wifi (or ethernet) but I can't have 2 default gateways which causes issues when trying to connect both networks.

Partly this is just an exercise but I ultimately want to be able to test things on my guest network without having to disconnect my desktop from my home network.

[EDIT] As per aragats, this can't be done.
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It is not possible to have a WiFi interface in a bridge: it must be presented to the network by a single MAC address.
However, since you mentioned it's unused, you may be able to pass it through as a PCI device to your FreeBSD. PCI pci passthrough used to be supported in Linux hosts only, not sure whether things are changed. If it works, your WiFi card will appear in FreeBSD as a WiFi NIC, and you can configure it with wpa_supplicant.