FreeBSD get laggy

Hi guys, I'm new at FreeBSD but when I install KDE, xfce, etc, I have a lot of lag on my system, and I don't know why, I have the same problems with GhostBSD, but with Linux it's all ok, can someone help me please, I have a Intel Celeron N3060 with Integrated Graphics.

Thanks for your help
Did you set your Xorg driver? Without hardware acceleration it was not working smoothly in my case.
With the default installation, the driver is not using hardware acceleration but just working with generic modesetting driver AFAIK, so I guess you need to set it up manually just as above handbook section.
I felt the kind of same as you did, but after all the drivers loaded properly, I was surprised that my laptop and desktop are much faster and smoother than was before with linux installed. lol
Ok. I'm going to reinstall FreeBSD again and I will do that, thanks for your answer, I will come and thell how it's working. I want the same that you with your laptop and desktop, thanks!
Still having the same problem, and I don't have sound I can't change the brightness of my laptop
How much memory does it have? And what other hardware does it have?
Has 4gb of memory, and has an Intel Celeron N3060, 500gb HDD, when I put the Intel Driver conf xorg doesn't start.