FreeBSD clean heimdal from system

I have problem with piece of heimdal program which was installed with system.
Maybe anybody khow, how I can remove heimdal complitly and replace him with mit kerberos?

Best regards
From src.conf(5):

             Set this if you do not want to build Kerberos 5 (KTH Heimdal).
             When set, it also enforces the following options:


             When set, the following options are also in effect:

             WITHOUT_GSSAPI (unless WITH_GSSAPI is set explicitly)

             Set to build some programs without Kerberos support, like cvs(1),
             ssh(1), telnet(1), sshd(8), and telnetd(8).
Thank you for response.
When I install from CD, I have all utils and libraries. When installation was complete, I was create src.conf with that options and run buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel, installworld. But I have a files from heimdal still.

To prevent use wrong files I wish remove all that files, is it possible?