FreeBSD book

Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd edition, best ever, I have learnd so much. If Micheal Lucas write about...anything, I'll buy it for sure, he is the best! ;)
they missed one in the documents books, in the pull down menu it is called the complete freebsd by (ive had too many refreshments hiccup!) most can recall the webside to get the pdf doc
thanks guys,

i think i will buy "Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd edition" and "The Best of FreeBSD Basics"
Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Edition is a gem. Freebsd unleashed is ok, but absolute freebsd 2nd edition is what you definetly want. Im a newbie myself, but reading that book made me a friend of freebsd. I think in general it is the best computer book that i have ever bought. Welcome to FreeBSD world!
Another vote for Absolute FreeBSD 2 and Lehey's Complete FreeBSD

It is imperative to also read
Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Edition is THE FreeBSD book (along with the handbook of course).

The Best of FreeBSD Basics is also nice but it's completely different from Lucas' book, it's tip/tasks oriented while Absolute FreeBSD is very deep, an unique reference, extremely well written, explains theory and is simply the FreeBSD book written so far.

Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 is also very nice. Nice surprise and worth every penny.
Agreed ...

Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Edition has more "systematic" approach on how FreeBSD works .. whereas The Best of FreeBSD Basics is more a "how to get things done" kind of book.

Regardless of the approach .. both are the books you should read if you are new to FreeBSD.

FreeBSD Hacks would be the third in my list, but I can't help to see The Best of FreeBSD Basics as a much improved version of FreeBSD Hacks.

my 2 cents