FreeBSD Audit

root@test:~ # freebsd-version
I would like to audit when the p19 patch ( freebsd-update install ) is installed. I couldn't find any trace in /var/log/messages and in /var/db/freebsd-update. freebsd-update(8) also doesn't show any history. Could you please advise me?

How can I learn when the p19 patch is released? I couldn't find a patch level release table.

If you were searching for general information about FreeBSD security advisories, they can be found from this link:

Like mentioned there also, general security information (including link to advisories):

If you were searching for information when certain patch level has been installed to one specific machine, freebsd-update does not provide such solution on command level (meaning no such output from any option).

But without specially cleaning up /var/db/freebsd-update/ directory, fetched binary updates are there (except if different working directory has been given either thru -d option or configuration file).
Thank you very much, actually I figured out that, when I click the last errata and the last , inside I found the information in which patch it is corrected. So I can consider this is the last patch

Maybe if you have other ideas to find out when the patch could be installed. ( Because /var/db/freebsd-update/ also contains fetched but not installed files, can be confusing... )