Solved FreeBSD and Docker

I absolutely agree with you and I hope that the developers of projects around FreeBSD will find each other. Nevertheless I believe that the basis for the long life of any project is its relevance and their use within commercial companies. FreeBSD is an exotic operating system today, you will not find it in companies. For me these are the main reasons for the short life of similar projects. And FreeBSD members ( especially board of directors team ) should think about it.
Sometimes it is quite nice to read old posts and see how wrong some people really were.

I almost feel like emailing each one 3 years later to ridicule them. However I suppose that would be classed as harassment so I shall refrain from doing so ;)
Oh wow.... Sorry, I did not look at the date of all previous posts... :rolleyes: There should be a big red warning sign on each old thread that has been exhumed...