FreeBSD 7.1 release


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+1 on the weekly update ...
+1 on the "small page about the remaining bugs or generic info on what's cooking and what's not working yet"

if devels can't afford the time to write/update the release schedule status, then it would be better to delegate that task to a person or team to watch over what's cooking up, write/update the release schedule status and ask a designated devel to approve it so it can be published.



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well myself I am already working on this a bit, since I need to do some small code changes to a certain software to set up the site to be able to do this.

If not I can just setup a site using Slash to be able to do that


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rliegh said:
Is that right? There's always the idea of installing Beta2 and updating /usr/src to RELENG_7 via cvs.
as said just below you, now we can sync to RELENG_7_1