FreeBSD 13 features

Also ripped out of llvm90. The wiki you linked to can very well lead one to conclude that Clang can use either LLD (if told to by the makefile) or the regular /usr/bin/ld.
The regular /usr/bin/ld is the llvm linker.

You can clearly see from the source code

If you can use the GNU tools like the linker with clang (which maybe u can with a little bit of work, as said Clang is only the front end) that isn't what the FreeBSD project IS doing (Probably because LLVM libraries are used at build time anyway) .
They're a part of each other, but the emphasis was on which was the main part, being llvm.

Either base and ports of LLVM/Clang, have been mixed sucessfully with parts of binutils and GCC. Other utility components from ports can be used too. The installs come fully for LLVM/Clang, but the components of LLVM/Clang or GCC and binutils used to compile can be adjusted through make.conf. Between newer FreeBSD versions, enough changes have occurred that this doesn't always work. Thread is-it-possible-to-buildworld-without-base-compilers-to-use-package-compilers.59874