FreeBSD 11.1 RC3 & Elantech touchpad

As is described in the thread name i installed FreeBSD 11.1 since I've found in the release notes that it support Elantech touchpads by adding hw.psm.elantech_support=1 in loader.conf. It seems there is no diffrence before and after adding this line to loader. My touchpad react like a mice device without any horizontal/vertical scrolling. I am using XFCE as desktop environment. Any help would be appreciated.
I had this same problem, I had to use hw.psm.elantech_support="1"
Additonally I had to configure a number of settings in /etc/sysctl.conf
Here is a list:
hw.psm.synaptics.touchpad_off: 0
hw.psm.synaptics.vscroll_div_max: 150
hw.psm.synaptics.vscroll_div_min: 100
hw.psm.synaptics.vscroll_min_delta: 50
hw.psm.synaptics.vscroll_ver_area: -600
hw.psm.synaptics.vscroll_hor_area: 0
hw.psm.synaptics.taphold_timeout: 125000
hw.psm.synaptics.tap_min_queue: 2
hw.psm.synaptics.tap_max_delta: 80
hw.psm.synaptics.div_len: 100
hw.psm.synaptics.div_max_na: 30
hw.psm.synaptics.div_max: 17
hw.psm.synaptics.div_min: 9
hw.psm.synaptics.weight_len_squared: 2000
hw.psm.synaptics.weight_previous_na: 20
hw.psm.synaptics.weight_previous: 6
hw.psm.synaptics.weight_current: 3
hw.psm.synaptics.multiplicator: 10000
hw.psm.synaptics.window_max: 10
hw.psm.synaptics.window_min: 4
hw.psm.synaptics.na_left: 1600
hw.psm.synaptics.na_bottom: 1408
hw.psm.synaptics.na_right: 563
hw.psm.synaptics.na_top: 1783
hw.psm.synaptics.margin_left: 200
hw.psm.synaptics.margin_bottom: 200
hw.psm.synaptics.margin_right: 200
hw.psm.synaptics.margin_top: 200
hw.psm.synaptics.max_width: 10
hw.psm.synaptics.max_pressure: 220
hw.psm.synaptics.min_pressure: 16
hw.psm.synaptics.two_finger_scroll: 1
hw.psm.synaptics.max_y: 6143
hw.psm.synaptics.max_x: 6143
hw.psm.synaptics.directional_scrolls: 0
NOTE: the list above did not work properly until i changed all items to hw.psm.elantech.<item>
However as best I can tell the configuration options are the same for both synaptics and elantech.