Solved FreeBSD 11.1 Beta released

I am wondering how to know what's cooking in this next release ?

The announcement suggests to read the following document:

But, this one regards to 11-Stable, which is updated at least each day.

While upgrading to 11.1-betas, may I expect it provides all or just most of what the page above is listing ?

Following 11-Stable on my own machine, I have the feeling that there are much more changes than what's the stable release note shows.

P.-S.: my bad, I have post this into the wrong topic, admins, feel free to move this thread to the 'upgrading' section
New -RELEASE versions are always cut from a -STABLE branch. So you can expect 11.1-RELEASE to have the same changes 11-STABLE currently has. Note that the release notes are not the same as a changelog. So there could be a lot of changes but not everything is "worthy" of a note in the release notes. The release notes tend to mention only the "important" updates and/or changes. Especially if there are changes that directly influence operational settings.

NB. Thread is fine here. You're not actually updating or installing. You just have a question about the versions, and specifically their release notes.