FreeBSD 11.0, bhyve, Windows 10 sectorsize required?


I was having quite a hard time getting SQL Express on a virtual machine running Windows 10 from my FreeBSD 11.0 host under bhyve.

I learned that I must set the sectorsize to 512 for Windows 7 but no mention on Windows 10.

I learned the hard way that I must also set it to 512 for Windows 10 using a zvol. If I don't, SQL Express never installs. Weird that everything else seemed to work fine....

I had the same problem.

OS: 11.0-RELEASEp2
Guest: Windows 10 Pro
On Guest: SQL Server 2014 Express (higher 2016 I couldn't install)

I've set sectorsize to 512 as below.
bhyve -c 2 -m 8G -H -s 0,hostbridge -s 3,ahci-hd,/vm/vm1.img,[B]sectorsize=512[/B] -s 10,virtio-net,tap1 -s 31,lpc -l bootrom,/usr/local/share/uefi-firmware/BHYVE_UEFI.fd -w vm1

The folowing link describes all.

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