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kpa said:
Would it be possible to have the delete your own posts function turned on? The old boards allowed you to delete your own posts and I personally would like to have that possibility sometimes, I tend to press the post button too soon only to realise that I have missed the point of the question completely :r
I have set this option (delete own post) to one hour, to allow removal of hasty replies. Note that the old boards allowed soft-delete only. A moderator actually did the removal for you, and made sure the removal did not invalidate entire topics by shooting holes in them. I think this forum still disallows removing a post if it's not the last post, but I need more Class A drugs to find that out.


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msouefi This is a forum about FreeBSD, not phpBB, and this thread is not about phpBB on top of that.

Since you are new here and this is your first post, you will have far better luck on an actual phpBB or PHP forum than here.
Not open for further replies.