Forum Searchs

Seems like I do alot of searching for 3 letter acronyms and the search function of the forum does no do 3 letter searches.

Recent attempts: IRC EFI CAD

Is is just me or is this a needed feature?
Just add a space after the search term and it works. Just did a search for "efi " (without the quotes) and it found this thread. :)

Hrm, actually, doing a search for just "efi" also found this thread. What's the issue you are running into? Which search field are you using? I'm just using the little search field at the top-right of the forum list.
I had this problem too, sometimes it won't work, when you search 3 letters request.
For example "ksh" didn't work for me today.
I just noticed PPP now gives results. 30 seconds ago it did not.
Same with EFI... Probably some browser quirk.
Same thing as yours. It appears to be searching users names with "Matched Users" shown like you.
Different browser too. I am on latest Seamonkey.
On my "main" browser, FF, I got the same results....

Do not use www/seamonkey, it is "Vulnerable"…
1 problem(s) in the installed packages found.
=> Please update your ports tree and try again.
=> Note: Vulnerable ports are marked as such even if there is no update available.
=> If you wish to ignore this vulnerability rebuild with 'make DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes'
*** Error code 1
Please just use Google which indexes the forums in almost-real-time, e.g. ksh