FAQ: Cluster on FreeBSD?

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eug said:
Give me,please, how I set up a cluster on FreeBSD. Apache+Mysql...

this is something i've been trying to do myself. although, I think a beowulf cluster would go nicely with apache... but i dont think it would work with mysql.

Still researching about it...

PS. i've done setting up two load balanced webservers box with a separate mysql box and it works rather well...
You can do it with mysql cluster. I was about to make a mixture between linux and freebsd one but I finally did with linux only, but you can do it with freebsd too. To make load balancing / redundancy for the webservers you need a hardware system or a server like ultramonkey or something to software-balance. Put two webservers on top, and load-balance them. Then the mysqlcluster is a node for data + server for queries coming from apache. That's the most logical architecture for a basic cluster. You'll need 2 servers for nodes, 2 servers for mysql server and 2 for apache. Total 6 servers. That's the minimum for a cluster. And prepare lots of RAM for the nodes.