Experiences with Intel NUCs?

Depending on one's needs, I think a NUC plus a NAS of some sort is really good for a home "desktop". They are a bit more powerful than the "all in ones", quiet, smaller footprint than traditional desktop.
I like to keep a fan blowing across them just because air movement is key to cooling.
Newer ones are more expandable than mine (I max out at 16G and one mSata slot), but agree they are pretty good.
dkline201 : What you call BIOS-formatted drive - that's actually just "Legacy Bootloader" code at the very beginning of the drive. Normally, a machine's BIOS can 'see' both types of drives (UEFI and legacy). If a drive is visible in the BIOS, it's bootable.
Sounds like on your 'P' machine, the BIOS can't see the drive with the legacy bootloader (But the drive with UEFI bootloader is visible and bootable). A few possibilities come to my mind:
  • There could be a setting in the 'P' machine's BIOS that disables 'legacy' booting. Some newer devices do that. It can take some digging to figure out where to look for that setting. Some BIOS'es have a 'toggle switch' for those two, and some allow for both to coexist at the same time.
  • Some newer BIOS'es offer an option to 'Turn off' the mSATA or m.2 connections.... But I'm leaning towards the first option as the far more likely one.