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When you installed a windows application with playonbsd-4.2.8 you'll see a dialog to create shortcut to this app,
but after creation, most of times this shortcut won't work with an "error" warning.
(But you can successfully launch this app from PlayOnBSD window.)
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To fix it, you need to edit your app icon first, open it with your editor
- Exec=/usr/local/lib/playonbsd/playonlinux --run "Hitman Blood Money" %F
+ Exec=/usr/local/lib/playonbsd/playonfreebsd --run "Hitman Blood Money" %F
Then you'll need to edit 114 line in /usr/local/lib/playonbsd/playonfreebsd:
- exec bash playonlinux-bash "$HOME/.PlayOnLinux/shortcuts/$NAME" "$@"
+ exec bash playonlinux-bash "$HOME/.PlayOnBSD/shortcuts/$NAME" "$@"
Then make playonfreebsd executable
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/lib/playonbsd/playonfreebsd

After your app should start fine with *.desktop shortcut.
Note, after each intsllation you need to edit an icon by hand,
and if PlayOnBSD will be reinstalled, you'll need to edit /usr/local/lib/playonbsd/playonfreebsd again.
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By the way, thanks to STefan, emulators/playonbsd was updated today at 17:11 to the latest version 4.2.10 and it seems that now all works very fine :)
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