Other Easiest way to mount NTFS drives in 10.2?

After hours of trying, reading and trying again, can anyone tell me a simple and easy way to just have my many NTFS formatted disks automounted (at least read, preferably R/W) ? Running a very basic 10.2 install with Mate flavored desktop, and absolutely no luck picking through documentation to finding out how to accomplish this fairly essential task that will let me get on with using FreeBSD full time.

Thanks to anyone who can give a solution!
Just stating the obvious: the GENERIC kernel will already provide support for this through fusefs.ko. If you're using a customized kernel then you need to be sure to include this module as well (assuming you specify a specific set of mobules).
The problem is after installing sysutils/fusefs-ntfs, right-click mounting one of the drives via the GUI will just throw up the "unable to mount..." error.
mount: illegal option --m usage:mount [-t fstype] [-o options] [target_fs mount_point]
I seem to see that it can't be done from the GUI after searching around, and that PC-BSD includes a utility to do so...And I have no idea where to go from there. Surely it can't be this hard to just have all the NTFS partitions/disks mounted when I log in..? But I could use some pointing in the right direction here.
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Surely it can't be this hard to just have all the NTFS partitions/disks mounted when I log in..?
If these are fixed disks (always available) make an entry in /etc/fstab: Thread 50102/#post-280196

If the disks are not available at boot add the failok option, so that booting can continue uninterrupted. In that case you might also want to use a device name like /dev/diskid/<disk-id> or /dev/gpt/<label> if you have GPT labels instead of the shorter ones like /dev/da0 etc. so that device name changes don't break your fstab setup.

I can't help with MATE integration, but this should mount the disks at boot or you can later mount them with a normal mount(8) command.
Yep, basic fixed hard drives and this sounds like exactly what I've been hunting for so I'll give it a shot.