E2Guardian package small correction....


I'm am oldie/newbie kind of Unix user. Recently I've installed the package e2guardian along with squid. When diagonally reading the e2guardian.conf file I've been curious with the files /usr/local/share/e2guardian/transparent.gif/swf. So I've cd(eed) to /usr/local/share/e2guardian to see what kind of merchandise was there and there was a Perl script e2guardian.pl (I supposed it's destined to run on-the-fly). As usual, I've vi(eed) the file to diagonally read it ;-)
And there was it: in the first line the shebang stated:

As freebies, we know that's not the proper place for Perl, so I replaced the shebang to the proper value of which perl

Just a small note for pack maintainers, don't know if this is the proper place to put this subject

Best regards =)