Dual booting with windows 8.1

I started another thread about dual booting with Linux. But the company I bought my laptop from messed up again and sent the wrong replacement computer. I know I can get a refund and at this point I'm tempted to just install FreeBSD on an HP touchscreen I have that has windows 8.1 on it. After all I do have three laptops, a notebook and a chromebook. I really don't need another laptop. Would this be similar to the great instructions I got for dual booting with linux? I'd really like some advice as to whether I'd be better off just getting another laptop or trying to dual boot.

Thanks in advance
I would suggest leaving Windows as is and install FreeBSD on VirtualBox or something like it. With these new laptops you're going to have a difficult time getting everything to work.

Another reason is that these laptops are highly likely using Secure Boot. Making it difficult to install any other operating system besides Windows.