UFS doing a complete system backup with tar


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I'm beginning with FreeBSD, working on a hosted server. As it's not a very powerful one, I've left him under UFS (moreover, installation choices didn't give ZFS choice).

I want to save the whole system, for avoiding the painfully distant installation in case of a disk crash.

I've read that FreeBSD use dump/restore, on a frozen filesystem (frozen with snapshot system). I've read also that dump can be a pain with UFS journalisation (you have to tunefs -j disable before, and cannot do that on a live filesystem of course).

That's why I've decided to use the good old tar, which never deceived me before.

On Linux, I would do this:
- remount the whole root partition with mount --bind, which avoid archiving /proc,/sys
- tarring the remounted directory with tar -cJpf …

and that's all.
I guess I can do roughly the same thing with FreeBSD. Does snapshot replaces the mount --bind step, for tarring a semi-frozen filesystem ?

Are there directories I shouldn't backup? I'm thinking of skipping /proc, /sys. I'm wondering for /dev, I guess that it should be saved (on Linux, with udev you don't have to).

Please, tell me if it seems ok to you. Thank you.