Does a GUI package manager exist?


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Maybe you guys should look at this code which is nothing more than an exercise in using SQLite database
Yes, I'm sure such thing could be implemented as bits of SQL queries that interface directly with the pkg SQLite database. However, that goes against the design principles of pkg where one of them is that nobody should rely on the internal implementation of the database, it can change at any time without any prior warning. How it should be done is by extending the pkg-query(8) mechanism to answer questions like "what kind of changes would pkg install foobar cause if executed".



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Before committing changes a simulation it is appropriate - it is only the 21st century. Work but work smart.


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Definitely would like to see a proper ncurses front end for pkg. Though I've not felt limited by the lack of it at this point. I always thought Debian did a really good job with their package manager. Something like that would be nice to see on FreeBSD. As far as a GUI that runs within Xorg, not something I find particularly desirable, though could be handy. I don't think I'd invest in something that heavy.