Other Display Manager

What is your prefered display manager?

  • xdm - X.Org display manager

    Votes: 13 22.8%
  • slim - SLiM desktop independent graphical login manager

    Votes: 6 10.5%
  • lighdm - Lightdm lightweight cross-desktop display manager

    Votes: 14 24.6%
  • sddm - QML based X11 and Wayland display manager

    Votes: 8 14.0%
  • gdm - GNOME 2.0 version of the xdm display manager

    Votes: 2 3.5%
  • pcdm - QT5 based display manager

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • wdm - WINGs display manager

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • ly - TUI ncurses-like display manager

    Votes: 3 5.3%
  • login as text and use startx

    Votes: 20 35.1%

  • Total voters
astyle Well, I guess regarding the off-topic situation I am to blame here as I specifically requested that information - purely for personal interests that is.
Crontab with autologin??? that's not making much sense. I think people really should be in the habit of typing in the password. This really amounts to treating your computer like a grocery store that has automatic sliding doors installed at the front entrance, AND cash registers that don't have locks.

You might not like autologin. Why does using crontab make it less sensible?

And your worry about password, how about automatically starting the DE with the screensaver enabled and active? Works a treat.
astyle Well, I guess regarding the off-topic situation I am to blame here as I specifically requested that information - purely for personal interests that is.
Ahhh.. Going off-topic is a common problem anywhere. I was calling out obsigna for divulging real-life job-related info. I just think that with a bit of thought, it's possible to share a setup without providing real-life details, especially job-related ones. Like when we share screenshots on these forums, I always make sure to blank out my real name if it shows up anywhere on the screenshot.
Can it allow a system administrator to configure the system to automatically start a desktop environment session with my ID without my passphrase?
I vaguely recall that autologin reads /etc/passwd, so I would conclude that no, it's not possible to avoid using the passphrase. But you can control at what point the passphrase is supplied - either from the keyboard or from /etc/passwd.
user, and each may fiddle with his/her own files and without changing the login not with that of others.
BTW, this setup most likely does not implement best practices for working with scientific data. If you customers don't mind, have the tools upload the data to a database, that will take care of sharing the data.
FreeBSD: startx
OpenBSD: xenodm

Also the OpenBSD fork of XDM (xenodm) doesn't run as root.

Many people just choose to, which is a bit weird or a project doesn't have enough resources to clean up / maintain one display system (let alone two!).

Some notes about xenodm:

xenodm was done at g2k16 Hackathon (2016) in Cambridge, around the Xenocara project.
They stripped down xdm(1) and removed XDMCP -- because it had security issues and problems with IPv6.
There was also some tweaks around setjmp(3)/longjmp(3), and finally to make it BSDauth-support only.

In short, a total of 10361 LOC clean-up. Most important part was works on pledge(2) and privilege separation.
xenodm is available since OpenBSD 6.1. But since OpenBSD 6.5 X is no longer installed setuid. Therefore you have to use xenodm.

Reference and more information:

* OpenBSD 6.1 Release note
* OpenBSD 6.5 Release note
* OpenBSD FAQ - The X Window System | Starting X
* OpenBSD Privilege Separation and Pledge
* g2k16 Hackathon Report: Matthieu Herrb on xenodm (Aug 30 - Sep 5, 2016)