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Well, long time I haven't posted anything meaningful on this forum.
I'm not dead, in fact I still use FreeBSD as my dekstop PC.

Right now I have this crazy idea that I want to try UFS again ;)
So one really frustrating thing is /dev/diskid/*.

As I understand from searching the web, entries in /dev/diskid/* won't show up if device is accessed directly during boot before these entries are created (something like that).

Well, this is so wrong on so many levels in my opinion, I which this was some kind of joke.

So I created GPT disk schemes and 2x partition for 3x of my HDDs.
I had diskid's, so I used them to create gmirror and to mount swap via fstab.
And guess what happened after reboot? Gmirror works, but it shows ada2p1 (for example) as it's component instead of what I used to create it.
Even better with the swap: Only one of 3x swap partitions were actually mounted (my guess is that geli accessed two disks before diskid's were created). The result was that I had only 2G swap instead of 6G.
I had this issue previously with ZFS setup, but I ignored it that time.

What's the point of creating diskid's at all if you can't trust that they'll be there when you need them the most?
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