Disk surface analysis tools

Hi all,

Looking for Disk surface analysis tools. (Rigorous Sector testing)

Looked through the ports and elsewhere but cannot locate any, else I'm missing them.

Any pointers to such programs / info would be greatly appreciated.

FBSD 7.1-R, Promise TX4-300 Sata ... No M$!


fh : )_~
ale said:

Thanks, This really does not do what I am looking for ... This only reads the current data to ensure it's readable.

I am looking for something that writes and reads to each sector multiple times verifying it's own written data to ensure the sector is stable.

Thus, if there is data in the sector it needs to lift the data test the sector and lay the data back down.

My data is safe elsewhere so I really don't care if it can't work in a data safe manner.


fh : )_~
dd if=/dev/da0 of=/dev/null bs=8m
this will run 1 time

if you want multiple times
# for i in `jot - 1 [red]5[/red]`; do dd if=/dev/da0 of=/dev/null bs=8m; done
this will run 5 times. Change 5 to any number of times you want to run
Note, that command above will run only in sh compatible shells [sh or mksh for example] on FreeBSD [linux have different jot]

if there are errors you'll see

If you also want to write to disk, you can replace of=/dev/null with of=/dev/da0, this can also sometimes fix some errors

replace /dev/da0 with your disk

dd(1) for more info, especially examples section
Anyone here run diskcheckd on a system with gmirror? For some reason, diskcheckd works fine without gmirror as it runs and then finishes but with gmirror added, it will just hammer the HDD's non-stop as the HDD light is solid from startup to shutdown and stopping diskcheckd will turn the HDD light off immediately.