Developer tag?

This information is posted somewhere but you don't become a committer by filling out a form. That's true for all open source projects.

Generally, and not specific to FreeBSD, you have to prove your worth and abilities in some way by making contributions. Then you must be nominated and supported by at least one, probably two, other committers. This takes time and effort.
You don't need to be a committer to provide patches or solutions. If you're serious about getting involved have a look through the bugs database and see if you can fix some. Then provide patches for the PR. If you do this often enough and provide good, solid, patches someone will notice ;)
Yep, offer enough good quality work and eventually the developers will tire of constantly approving your work and punish you with a commit bit.

I can make you a commiter for $1,995. Please email me for details.
Someone has been enjoying a bit of liquid fun I see ;)