Solved Determining default font

Hi all,
I'm new to FreeBSD and have installed Xorg so I may use Spectrwm.

Is there a way I can determine the font in my urxvt instances once X is running? I have not set a font in .Xdefaults, and my spectrwm.conf is using Terminus for the bar, BUT it appears this is different to the urxvt instances.

Apologies if this is unclear - I will try and provide a screenshot when I get home this evening if further clarification is required.
Thanks for the response.

I have probably messed up between .Xdefaults and .Xresources in my original post (away from laptop atm) - BUT the question I had is more to do with determining what the font is that is being used. I haven't specifically set it by using .Xresources/.Xdefaults, but I like it and wish to use with GTK apps via LXAppearance. I am assuming this is a FreeBSD default or Xorg default? It is different to the console font that FreeBSD shows prior to launching X.

Sorry for the confusion - as I said, I probably explained this as clear as mud!
Thanks for your reply lebarondemerde. After looking at that thread, and using the Arch Linux Wiki to determine the standard Xterm font (as this is the same as urxvt on my machine) it will be one of either 6x13 or 7x14. I should be able to find the correct one from here.
I have the following for urxvt in my ~/.Xresources
URxvt.font: -*-terminus-medium-*-*-*-16-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-*, \
The second font is used for missing characters/charset in the main one x11-fonts/terminus-font.
Console fonts and Xorg fonts are two different things.

Yes I know, I thought I hadn't communicated very clearly so didn't want any confusion :)


As the font was the same whether in xterm or urxvt, I was able to run an instance of xterm and use the following command:

xterm -report-fonts

This reported the correct font and I was able to set this to match in other applications.