Desktop Usage Forum Hierarchy

Another hierarchy suggestion w.r.t. the Desktop Usage section:

KDE & Gnome are probably huge enough to warrant separate sub forums in their own right. Also, since these topics are often topic of heated holy wars, it may save a few admin/mod headaches to put a bit of space between respective combatants, so to speak....

Also, Xfce is a DE in its own right and rather misplaced under "Other Window Managers", unless you're restricting to the WM component, in wh/case should perhaps be labeled Xfce(4)-wm.

Peace :)

P.S.; Mods, please feel free to merge with my other Forum Hierarchy thread - window for editing is apparently pretty narrow ;-P
Sorry to follow my own but edit window has expired. To clarify the above, perhaps seperate forums for each of the major three DE's. Gnome, KDE, Xfce, and another for "Roll Your Own" (e.g. Fluxbox, OpenBox, etc.) would be beneficial.

Peace :)
Done. Lets see how the usage is before creating more subforums.